Welcome to The Heartland!

We're glad you're here. Tara Miller is Owner and Interior Designer at The Heartland Interior Design, an Omaha-based interior design firm specializing in small business and large development interior design. We particularly focus on retail design and hospitality design. We are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and travel frequently throughout the Midwest for client projects and to see family.  We believe in supporting local businesses, artisans, and craftsmen.

With almost a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Tara is an idea machine and has a wealth of knowledge in the design industry and in the construction field. None of Tara's projects look the same. She is a firm believer that each client (and each brand) are different, so their spaces should be unique to their identity.

Interior Design

When it comes to design, we focus on making design matter. You aren't like everyone else and your space shouldn't be either. Our goal is to help develop a design direction that is unique to you and appealing to the masses. We do this based on your likes, dislikes and how the space will be used. This can be seen by turning a house into a home, or transforming a commercial space into an environment. A culture. We believe that people matter. People do amazing things and they deserve great spaces to abide in. We also make it our goal to utilize local makers, artisans and craftsmen whenever possible. There is so much talent in the Midwest and we love to support local businesses. 

A few of our Interior Design specialties include: 

  • Hospitality- Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Vineyards, and more.

  • Retail Stores - Candle Shops, Art Studios, Clothing Boutiques, Hair Salons, Camping Gear Shops and more!

  • Commercial Mixed-Use Development- A "Place-Making" Aid to developers for apartments, clubhouses, and more.

  • Commercial Offices- Reception, Waiting, Conference Rooms, Collaboration Spaces, Restrooms and more.

  • Other Commercial Spaces- Tenant Build Outs, Design Builds, and more.

  • Residential New Construction- We will work on home construction with any builder or architect.

  • Residential Renovation - We will work on home remodels with any contractor or installer.

Photo Credit: Wyn Wiley Photography

Photo Credit: Wyn Wiley Photography

Accredited Education and Professional Experience

 When you hire The Heartland Interior Design to work on your project, you have peace of mind knowing that Tara has both the skills and the talent to help see your project through to completion. Some of her qualifications include:

  • 7+ Years of design experience in both the Commercial and Residential Interior Design industries

  • Graduated from a "Council of Interior Design Accreditation" approved university

  • Earned a degree in Interior Design from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln via the Architecture College.

  • Is a member of the International Interior Design Association

  • Is actively working towards passing her NCIDQ exam to become a certified Interior Designer

  • Attends continuing education seminars to stay up do date with changes in the industry

  • Has both digital and hand rendering capabilities

  • Has industry connections so you can find the right builder/ contractor/ painter (etc) for your job.

How It All Began

The Heartland started as a simple dream: to show off all of the great things that make the heartland so unique. The Midwest is full of creative artisans, makers, musicians, farmers, teachers, hunters, mechanics and more. We are home to some of the most elite architecture firms in the nation, Fortune 500 companies and crucial military bases. We wanted to have a platform to showcase all of the amazing people and businesses in the Heartland. 

We focus on the creative Midwestern community with the goal of sharing authentic art, design and the lifestyles of the people who call the heartland home. On the blog, we cover topics such as interior design, photography, local artisans, small businesses and why people do what they do. Knowing what someone does isn't enough. Know why they do it gets to the heart of the heartland.

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Here at the Heartland, we are huge fans of focusing on the positive in life. Being grateful is woven into who we are and how we see the world. Each day I am genuinely thankful for the profound brilliance of the sunrise, and the ability to create and design spaces for people to enjoy. I encourage people to explore the Midwest. Look around! And most of all, enjoy.